About our mission and joint efforts

We want all people to live life longer healthier.

Aging can come – and probably will come for most people – with complaints and degenerative diseases if you don’t proactively address the root causes of aging.

We want people to be pro-active, by learning and acting on the three theories of aging

  • the oxidative stress (free radical) theory of aging
  • the mitochondrial theory of aging
  • the sirtuins theory of aging

We help people not to get sick in the first place and to age well by offering a product portfolio and relevant information made possible by an attractive business model for our partners and an innovative, easy to use technology platform to reach our target audience.

LiveLifeLongerHealthier (L3H) offers a turn-key program to:

  • measure biological age (using a validated biomarker)
  • reverse aging and/or pro-actively avoid the negative symptoms of aging by activating the three most important biological pathways associated with aging (using nutrients and science instead of supplementing or masking symptoms)
  • improve the delivery of these nutrients and the disposal of cellular waste by increasing micro-circulation (if required)

We are partnering with like-minded people, healthcare professionals, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who want to improve the health of all people and who want to capitalize on the growth of a market and a portfolio of unique, patented products. 

The products that we are bringing to market are relatively new and modest in sales (approx. $ 25o million per annum). The market is at a tipping point and expected to grow over a billion dollars during the next few years.

We incentivize prevention by supporting healthcare professionals. Our primary end-point is customer satisfaction and happiness.


Drs. Erik Sanders, MSc.Pharm., MBA